General Information

Location of Classrooms
Please go to the main office of Aorere College on the first night.

Once enrolled you will be contacted only if your class does not start. If you do not pay on enrolment you may not be notified so please make payment when you register.

Full refund if the class does not start.
No refund if you withdraw once the class has started.

It is possible to transfer between classes before they start. A fee of $10 is payable per transfer.

Materials Charge
Some classes may include material costs.   The advertised fee is for tuition only unless otherwise stated.

Non-residents must pay 100% on the advertised fee.

Certificate of Attendance
These are available on request if you attend more than 80% of a course and must be applied for through your tutor before your last lesson.

Public Holidays
There are no classes on public holidays.

A public telephone is available. Please ask at the office.

Smoking is not permitted anywhere on the school grounds.