Art as Personal Expression

Introduction to Abstract and Gestural Painting.

Never painted before? Explore the painting process using shape, form and colour creating your own abstract paintings. This method also called gestural or action painting utilises a number of methods including, dribbling, smearing, scraping or splashing of paint.

An opportunity to paint intuitively from within, delivering a spontaneous result  through paint, colour and texture.


Acrylic paints: Any water based paint (suggest student grade level), includes Resene/Dulux testpots (these are good for pouring).

Paintbrushes: Cheap student set; 2 commercial brushes 50mm wide, plastic painting/palette knife.

Painting surface: Card, canvas board or similar. Materials that are inexpensive this allows us to experiment.

Palette: Old plate or similar to mix colours.

Clean up: Rags or similar.

Suggestion: DIY stores such as Mitre 10 Mega, Bunnings, as well as Jeffs Emporium and Spotlight have a well priced selection of art materials.

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