ENGLISH - Level 2

Experienced teachers offer 3 different levels.  Learn to speak, listen, read, write and understand everyday English used in New Zealand.  Develop English speaking skills and pronunciation.  Certificate.  English - Intermediate - For those who can understand English speakers and can make themselves understood but now want to make steady improvement in all English skills - listening, reading, writing, speaking, grammar.  English - Advanced: For students who are becoming confident with English but need to develop fluency in language and grammar.

Refugees pay only $ 5.00 for ESOL classes.  You need to produce your original passport and other documents for verification purpose when you enrol.

22nd October 2019 - 04ESOLA-025

06:30pm to 08:30pm
$100.00 incl. gst
Enrol Online Discount: $90.00 incl. gst
Residents Discount for ESOL: $50.00 incl. gst
Refugee Status Fee: $5.00 incl. gst
16 Session(s)