Terms and Conditions

Payment Terms

Payment can be made by Online, Cash or EFTPOS

Course Cancellations

If there are insufficient enrolments or, for some other unavoidable reason is cancelled, the fee will be refunded in full.  We wait until 1:00 pm on the course schedule date then only we decide whether we should go ahead with the course.  You will be notified if your course is cancelled.


  • Full refund if the class does not start.
  • NO refund if you withdraw after the class has started.
  • Students need to inform us in writing at least two working days before we start the term if wanting to withdraw their registration.


A discount of $5.00 off the course fee is applicable if you enrol and pay online.

Non-Residents are charged an extra 100% on the course fee.  International students/Visitor visa holders fees are double the non-resident fee.