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Kia Ora, Talofa Lava, Taloha Ni, fakalofa Lahi Atu, Satuton, Ni Sa Bula Vinaka, Kia Orana, Malo Lelei Ta Orana, Noa'ia!

Our courses at a glance



Woodwork Skills (Beginners)

Make a simple table out of wood.  Learn many essential woodworking skills - measuring, sawing, joinery, gluing and using different tools.  Timber extra. 


Yoga for Beginners (St Johns)

Yoga is for all ages and fitness abilities.  Focus on flexibility, relaxation, correct posture and breathing.  Bring a yoga mat, foam bedroll, a large towel and a light blanket for relaxation.  Yoga is practiced on an empty stomach. For beginners and post beginners.


Ukulele (Beginners)

Want begin to play Ukulele?  Learn chords, songs, finger-picking and strumming in this friendly class.  Suitable for complete beginners and those with some experience.  BYO ukulele (tuner and stand helpful). 


Spanish (Beginners)

Hola!  Learn the basic language of Spain and South America.  This is one of the world’s most widely spoken languages.  In this introductory class, you will learn this beautiful language.


Sewing (Beginners) - Tuesday

Learn how to lay your pattern on the material, cut out and sew garments. Bring pattern, material, thread, scissors and pins to first class. Bring a machine if you have one. Some machines are available for use in class.


Russian Language (Beginners)

Vy govoríte po-rússki?  If you don't speak Russian then this beginners course is for you!

Need some phrases for your holiday, or for a business meeting?  Got a family member you'd like to impress? Need to understand the basics of introductions and simple phrases?  This course is for you!


Property Investing in the new Covid Economy

If you are a first home buyer or wanting to build or expand your property portfolio then this course is for you. Roy Adams has done the hard yards, building a multimillion-dollar property portfolio in less than 3 years, starting with a deposit of only $13,000.


Mindful Colouring (St Johns)

A creative self-expression course specially designed for those with special needs and disabilities, this workshop aims to develop the practice of mindfulness relaxation through the exploration of colour and colouring using felt tip pens and coloured pencils on black and white designs.


Dance yourself happy with Latin Style

Starting to Salsa?  Love to dance Latin?  Crazy for Cha Cha Cha?  Come and learn a variety of Latin American dance styles in a fun, friendly and family-oriented class.  No experience or partner needed.


Korowai - Maori Cloak Art

Want to learn how to make a Maori Korowai (Feather cloak)?

Learn the Maori skills and techniques including basic protocols / tikanga, and Te Reo for cloak-making using contemporary materials.  Work towards your very own feather cloak.  Materials extra.


Harmonium - Indian Keyboard (Beginners)

A harmonium, also called a "melodeon", "reed organ" or "pump organ", is a keyboard instrument that is a lot like an organ. It makes sound by blowing air through reeds, which are tuned to different pitches to make musical notes. You will be taken through practical lessons to play the harmonium. This is an instrumental lesson so you will need your own harmonium. The Hindustani Classical syllabus would be covered through this course.


English - Level 3

Need to take your English further? This course is perfect for moving towards professional English skills.

Refugees pay only $ 5.00 for ESOL classes.  You need to produce your original passport and other documents for verification purpose when you enrol.


Digital Photography (Beginners)

Take beautiful photos and make works of art.  Master the functions of your DSLR camera through an understanding of basic photographic concepts including post-editing.  BYO digital camera.


Chef 101 (Beginners)

Learn basic cooking skills - sauces, baking & more. Prepare a different dish each class. Some ingredients required.

Hands-on course to prepare for further steps.  Learn basic cooking skills - sauces, baking and more.  Prepare a different dish in each class. Some ingredients required, list given.


Car Maintenance and Repairs

Car driving you crazy? Take this course before you take matters into your own hands!

Practical car maintenance for home mechanics.  Diagnose common faults and learn to perform routine maintenance checks like oil change, engine tuning, brakes etc.


Bolly-fit Dance

Learn to dance like a Bollywood Star or Zumba your way to fitness!  Learn the meaning & cultural context behind the moves.  Family-friendly class.


AutoCAD 2020 - Computer Aided Design (Beginners)

Discover AutoCAD 2020!

Learn to draw using AutoCAD 2020.  Our beginner's course will take you through draughting techniques used in Industry, enabling you to draw technically.  Certificate.


Art and Craft (St Johns)

A class designed for those with special needs and disabilities exploring the visual expression in abstract painting, investigating colour, texture and emotion.  A programme designed to uncover artistic potential and develop confidence with the painting medium.